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Our Story

West Park Evangelical Friends Church has been ministering to the West Side of Cleveland for over a century. Kingsley Chapel was located at west 38th and Clark Avenue during the early 1900s, and changed its name in 1912 to Clark Avenue Friends Church. Fourteen years later, the church obtained two lots at 140th and Carrydale, and they conducted a series of revivals and tent meetings over the next two years, before planting West Park Evangelical Friends Church in July of 1928, and the building was then remodeled for an expanded ministry in 1947. In 1968, the foundation for the current building was laid, and on September 13, 1970, the present sanctuary was dedicated. Today, West Park Evangelical Friends Church is in the process of reevaluating our ministries, to better serve the West Park Community for the next 100 years.

West Park Evangelical Friends Church is a member of the Evangelical Friends  Church Eastern Region, and uses the 2013 Edition of the EFC-ER Faith and Practice Book of Discipline. The Evangelical Friends Church has over 1,100 Congregations Worldwide with approximately 140,000 members.  The Evangelical Friends Church Eastern Region comprises over 90 congregations in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Rhode Island, & Canada.


For more information on the Evangelical Friends Church-Eastern Region or to view the 2013 Faith & Practice Book of Discipline, visit .

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